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We offer all our clients a wide range of personal and commercial banking products through the globe and our branches are spread across the globe in various countries and states with our 24/7 online banking platforms.

We offer checking, current, savings, offshore, investment and domiciliary accounts; personal loans, vehicle and asset finance; MasterCard credit/debit cards, Visa credit cards; home loans; internet banking; small and medium scale enterprise (SME) loans and the award.

We cater for both individuals and businesses through carefully designed retail and business banking products. We also offer self-service channels powered by sophisticated technology to bring convenient banking to customers.

Our clients can also get custodial services through Swiss Trust Finance Institute, our custody arm and non-pension asset custodian, acting in a nominee capacity for clients’ transactions in securities and other investments.

We are a key player in financial inclusion and are poised to take banking to the doorsteps of our customers; taking care of the banking needs of different categories of persons and businesses.

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